Strap Lights Are The New Big Thing

Zyntony Ra

After the wild success of the Power Practical Luminoodle and now the Zyntony Ra, it looks like strap lights or string lights are the new big thing. Designed to light up the entire area around you instead of just a small spot in front of you like a headlamp, strap lights are extremely versatile. The new Ra is ideal for night runners, bike commuters, dog walkers, or anyone who wants to see and be seen better at night.

The flexible Zyntony Ra strap light is waterproof and offers up to 800 lumens of warm natural light via a string of five high efficiency LEDs. The light modules are mounted to a flex circuit sandwiched between strips of stainless spring steel. This makes the strap light strong, durable, and flexible enough to conform to various shapes.

Zyntony Ra

With multiple mounting options, Ra can be attached to almost anything. You can fix it to any ferrous (metal containing iron) object using the built in rare earth magnets. Ra can be attached to nearly any article of clothing using the accompanying magnetic backer strip. Using the D-ring strap and simple hook and loop ties, Ra can be fastened to virtually any piece of gear. For example, you can attach a pair of Ra’s to the shoulder straps of a backpack for 1600 lumens of light, creating a zone of daylight around you–this would be awesome for night climbing as you can see in the top photo.

Ra is powered via its micro-USB input. Zyntony makes four different sizes of battery packs allowing the flexibility to carry as much power as needed. You get anywhere from 3.5 hours to 14 hours of illumination depending on which pack you choose.

The Zyntony Ra strap light and battery pack sets start at $58 over on Kickstarter. Delivery expected in June.

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