Strava Adds In-App Club Event Support

Strava Club

Building on its clubs for mobile feature, Strava introduces club events for mobile users. Club administrators can now create events via the Strava mobile app and share event details with other members. Basically, Strava wants to be where all athletes congregate and scheme their next adventure, whether the club is just you and your training partner or thousands of athletes.

Previously, access to club events was only available via the web — but now administrators can create events via the Strava mobile app and share meetup details such as time, date and planned pace with all members. You can create a one-time or recurring group activity, then build and attach a route to the activity, which can be downloaded to participants’ phones and GPS devices. All club members will be notified of the event, and can then view event details, RSVP, access the route and share via other social media channels.

On the Strava phone app, you can discover popular clubs near you; search for new clubs based on location, name and sport type; join or invite others to a club; share your club on other social networks; and view a weekly club leaderboard.

On the club leaderboard, you can compare your weekly stats to fellow club members, but now also look at a scatter plot to see how you are training compared to the rest of the group. Talk about positive peer pressure!

To cut down on the amount of emails hitting your inbox every day, group chats are available within the clubs to discuss whatever you want – the next group activity, gear suggestions, leg shaving techniques. You can also create discuss about an event to be sure everyone’s on the same page and to alert the group day-of if any athletes are running late or bailing.

I see a Sri Lankan Around The Pearl club event in my future — no more monster threads on WhatsApp.

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