Wahoo RFLKT Bike Computer Review

Wahoo RFLKT bike computer

While training for my ride up Haleakala, I quickly found that endurance hill climb success for me hinged on keeping an eye on my heart rate, ensuring it does not stay above a certain level for too long, lest I blow up early. With my iPhone shoved in my back jersey pocket, the Wahoo RFLKT bike computer enabled me to monitor all my performance stats, showing when to push myself harder and giving me a vehicle to better understand my own capabilities. 

Grassracks Eco-Friendly Bamboo Gear Storage Racks

Grassracks Bamboo Bike Storage Racks

Instead of squirreling away your bike, skis, boards, and other gear in the garage or basement, Grassracks offers you a unique way to not only store, but display your gear when not in use. Malvern, PA based Maholla believes your outdoor gear is a piece of artwork that deserves to be shown off, in both an eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing way. 

POC Tempor Time Trial Helmet

POC Tempor Time Trial Helmet

The new Tempor time trial helmet
marks POC's first foray into the road bike market, targeting racers and triathletes who are looking for every aerodynamic advantage. Working together with the Olympic Time Trial Silver Medalist, Gustav Larsson, and aerodynamic specialists at Semcon, POC balanced the sometimes competing requirements of safety and speed to create the Tempor. The end result is not only the safest time trial helmet on the market, but the fastest as well.

TomTom Launches GPS Sports Watch

TomTom GPS Sports Watch

Hoping not to be relegated simply to in-car navigation, TomTom has launched their own line of GPS Sports Watches to better compete with Garmin, Suunto, Polar, and others. Two ultra slim designs, the Runner and Multi-Sport, will be available for runners and triathletes starting sometime this summer. 

ANT+ Product Directory

ANT+ Product Directory

No more wondering whether or not your new bike computer will work with your heart rate strap or speed and cadence sensor. Dynastream Innovations (the designers of ANT+) has created an online Product Directory with complete inventory of all the ANT+ certified or verified products. With over 60 million ANT+ devices in use today, the ANT+ Product Directory provides you with an extremely simple way to find other products compatible with your current devices or a combination of products to create the best sport specific solution for you. 

StageONE Brings Power Training To The Masses

StageOne Power Meter

With current power meter solutions from companies such as Rotor and SRM costing $2000 or more, power training has generally been out of reach to the cycling masses, until now. Boulder based Stages Cycling has designed a more economical crank based power meter they hope will break down some of the barriers to using your power output as a measure of progress.

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