Pearl Izumi Rethinks The Running Shoe

Pearl Izumi E-Motion TRAIL N 1

For 2013, Pearl Izumi decided to throw out their entire running shoe line and start over from the beginning. With a focus on simple is better, PI left behind the air bags, molded waves, and gels, instead turning to simple high-quality foam to create a completely new midsole for a more fluid running experience.

Minimize Your Bike Transition Time

Specialized S-Works Trivent

For the die-hard triathletes out there, Specialized has designed an elite cycling shoe built to minimize your transition time both on and off the bike. With a unique entry and closure system, the S-Works Trivent cycling shoe will save you precious seconds, the difference between winning an award and simply finishing with the pack. 

Osmo Nutrition Taps Into Growing Sports Nutrition Market

Osmo Active

The sports nutrition market appears to be growing fast, with many new companies popping up to take advantage of the everyday athlete's seemingly insatiable thirst. Former Specialized Marketing Director Ben Capron has teamed up with well known nutrition scientist and exercise physiologist Dr. Stacy Sims to launch a brand new sports nutrition venture called Osmo Nutrition.

Do Your Legs A Favor After A Big Day Out

Skins RY400 Compression Tights

A quick look through the various research findings on PubMed shows that the scientific community is still undecided on whether or not compression wear improves your athletic performance, with vague, yet more favorable attitudes towards recovery. With this lack of obvious scientific proof regarding the benefits of wearing compression clothing, it comes down to what each of us personally experience. 

180s Quantum Heat Compression Arm Sleeves Review

180s Quantum Heat compression arm warmers

Similar in concept to the Mizuno heat generating base layers, 180s recently unveiled their Quantum Heat collection of heat generating apparel and accessories. Our unusually dry and sunny winter in the Bay Area has made for a great cycling season. The colder temperatures have remained, however, so I have been testing out the 180s Quantum Heat compression arm sleeves in order to stay warm on my rides.  

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