Bike Computer Calculates Your Carbon Offset

CatEye Urban Wireless bike computer 

The latest bike computer from CatEye is not only simple and affordable, but will help you feel better about your impact on the environment. The new Urban Wireless calculates your carbon offset based on how many miles you logged during your bike commute that day. 

With a one button control, the Urban Wireless bike computer captures basic ride data points including current, average and top speed, elapsed time, trip distance, and total distance. A larger font size ensures your ride details are easy to see while you are navigating traffic. 

In addition to the basic ride data, the bike computer estimates two further data points that will help you feel pretty good about yourself. The Urban Wireless not only displays your calorie consumption so you can feel better about the morning donut, but your carbon offset so you can feel better about how much CO2 you kept from polluting the air by taking your bike instead of the car.  

The Urban Wireless bike computer comes with the CatEye FlexTight head unit bracket mount that will fit virtually any handlebar or stem between 22 mm-32 mm in diameter. The wireless speed sensor transmits up to 27 inches and requires no tools to mount, fitting any standard fork between 11 mm-55 mm. 

The CatEye Urban Wireless bike computer retails for $55 and is available now. 

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