Training Watch Doubles As A Cell Phone

VEA Sport cell phone training watch

Next time you head out for a run or a hike, you can leave your cell phone, GPS, camera and MP3 player at home. The new Vea Sport training watch is 5 devices in one, all packed into one tiny package on your wrist. 

As a standard training watch, the VEA Sport captures your speed, distance traveled, heart rate (via the included heart rate strap) and calories burned. A lap function enables you to chart your relative performance over time. Four buttons on the face of the training watch track your progress and you can set alarms to indicate when you are above or below your target zone in each of these areas. 

The Vea Sport operates much like your iPhone or other smartphone, with a 1.5 inch touchscreen, 8 GB of storage for your music, and a camera so you can take a few snapshots or video on the trail. A special sports specific Bluetooth headset comes with the training watch for making calls and listening to music on the move. The integrated GPS tracks your route so you can later view your run or hike on the map. 

Vea Sport training watch Vea Sport training watch

The cell phone is quad band GSM with EDGE for data such as your email. An SOS button will alert emergency authorities that you are in trouble and send your them position. The watch even supports Java so you can add games to play in case you get bored waiting for your friends to catch up on the trail. 

The training watch straps have a USB port at one end, enabling you to plug it directly into your computer for charging. The Vea Sport will start shipping next week and retail at a hefty promotion price of €399.

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