Accessorize Your Bike With Knog POP Lights

Knog POPii

Move over boring bike lights, here comes something cooler. The new Knog POP collection of lights come in not one, not two, but ten different colors and patterns to match even the craziest of styles.

Launching today, the Knog POP bike light range includes three different models–two front lights (POPi, POPii) and one rear light (POPr). The POPi runs on a single AA battery (included) and pumps out 35 lumens of light for up to 100 hours. The POPii runs off of two AA batteries (included) and offers up 60 lumens of light for 150 hours. You can choose to mount the POPr rear light either vertically or horizontally, delivering 100 hours of red light off of one AA battery (included).

Each of the lights works in five modes, is water resistant, and includes side illumination for 360-degree visibility. You can leave the tools in your saddle bag, as the POP lights simply mount via a chunky, silicone, wrap-around style strap.

So with all the technical boring stuff aside, let’s talk patterns. Both front and rear lights come in everything from standard colors (yes, even plain black) to more racy patterns such as leopard skin and tattoo. I am curious as to what the Velominati would say about matching your bike light to your bike–should it match your bars? Saddle? Frame decals?

Available online and in stores, the Knog POPi and POPr lights retail for $17.50, while the POPii retails for $24.50.

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